1) What is Zeevex?

Zeevex is a prepaid virtual currency that can be purchased through a Zeevex Gift Card. Zeevex Cards are sold in major retailers across the country. Exchange Zeevex for access to your favorite digital content.

Some other virtual currencies charge hidden fees but Zeevex is a safe choice for kids and adults. Zeevex is the only virtual currency sold in national retailers that kids under 13 can use.

Plus, other virtual currency cards sold make you use the whole card with just one purchase, but Zeevex lets you use it in as many as you want in any amount that our partners allow. And some other game cards charge you additional fees when you redeem your card, but not Zeevex!

2) Where do I get a Zeevex Card?

They are only sold in more than 65,000 stores in the U.S. Find out our list of current retailers here: Where to Buy Zeevex?

Depending on the store, they are sold for $10, $20, and variable denominations.

The card is activated at the register when you checkout, and you redeem it on our Website at www.zeevex.com. Voila! You can start using the Zeevex Tokens in your Zeevex account immediately. No waiting!

3) Can I buy Zeevex Cards Online?

Sorry, Zeevex is only available in trusted retailers. This policy ensures our users have the safest payment option and reduces costs for our partners.

4) I created a Zeevex Account, but I'm not getting your e-mails. Any tips?

Start by checking your email's Spam folder (or it could be called Junk). Next, you should add notifications@zeevex.com to your email program’s Contact List or Address Book - and if you can, add it to your email provider's White List, if one is available. If you forward email from one of your other email accounts, to a master account on your phone (or to an email program like Outlook), make sure you check and update those accounts too.

5) Who is behind this Company?

Zeevex was founded in 2008 by 3 video game and social network executives. We also happened to all be MindSpring / EarthLink alumni. On March 8, 2010 Zeevex was acquired by InComm, a $20 Billion a year transaction company and leader in the gift card industry. Zeevex has offices in Atlanta, GA, Los Angeles, CA, and Palo Alto, CA.

6) Why did you launch Zeevex?

We had a few great ideas for taking over the world. Zeevex was the only one that did not violate Nuclear Proliferation Treaties, or require a Space Craft that's faster-than-the-speed-of-light. (it wasn't an easy decision!)


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